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Founded by two Clearwater Beach residents, The Cooler had one main goal in mind. To cater to everyone's desire for a tasty treat, but to do it in a more healthy way. From acai bowls and smoothies to soft serve ice cream and hawaiian ice, The Cooler has something for everyone. Next time you're in Clearwater Beach and want a delicious snack, come see us!


The items at the Cooler were inspired by people who believe in a fun, happy and healthy lifestyle. Being residents of Clearwater Beach, we know how hard it is to find that perfect refreshing treat on a hot beach day. We offer a variety of fresh, cool items so there is something for everyone!


Our açaí bowls and smoothies are perfect for a healthy meal replacement or a yummy dessert! The açaí berry is a super fruit originating in Central and South America and has so many amazing health benefits. You get to enjoy this yummy treat without feeling any of the guilt!


Another great cool treat we offer is fresh shaved Hawaiian ice! Although it may resemble a snow cone, Hawaiian ice is a premium ice that is shaved rather than crushed, making it fluffy and even more delicious! Let us shave the ice and you simply pick your favorite flavor! Kids love Hawaiian ice and ice cream, so we decided to combine the two! You can get your ice cream in a waffle cone or mix it with some shaved Hawaiian ice! Yum!


If none of these items tickle your fancy, we offer several cool beverages as well!  Be cool and refuel your body with us!

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